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Creating prototypes with production-level quality

Accelerate your ideas to high-volume manufacturing

Small series injection molding

Validate and test designs in a week

Use production level materials 

Complete process under one roof

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What We Offer

Starting large-scale production for injection molded parts can be intricate, time-consuming, and costly. Our Pre-FOT provides production-quality products, empowering confident investments in tools and stimulating innovation in your designs


Why Choose Formal

Integrated In-House Solutions

At Formal, everything comes together under one roof for a seamless process: expertise, mold design, accurate 3D printers, and, naturally, top-tier custom-built injection molding machines.

Ready For Validation Within a Week

Within a single week, we cover everything from mold design and 3D-printing, post-processing and injection molding, delivering a product ready for your tests and validation

Tailored Processes, Custom Machines

We've created a process and an injection molding machine that are designed to be fast and flexible without compromising on quality.

Your Material,
Our Expertise

We have the capability to create quality injection molded parts using your specified production materials. By doing so, we can also provide budget-friendly options for your material research.



  • How many products can be made from a single mold?
    The quantity largely depends on the material type and the complexity of the geometry. Typically, the range is around 5 to 100 parts. Small production batches are also feasible, especially with molds featuring multiple cavities.
  • Can you also deliver quicker than a week?
    In certain instances, we can expedite delivery! It hinges on factors such as current demand, part complexity, and quantity. Feel free to ask, and we can explore a suitable solution together.
  • Can I provide my own material?
    Certainly! We have some basic materials available, like PE/PP/PS/ABS/PC/PA. But using your specific material is also possible, as long as the melting temperature of the material does not exceed 320C.
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